How to Get Rid of the Winter Blues

Food, gifts, holiday decorations, and family traditions should make one happy, right? Not always. Sometimes the winter season can bring on the blues for a variety of reasons. The winter blues (also known as SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder) may be getting you down, but you can stay cheerful and full of the holiday spirit this winter with these tips.

  • One of the biggest reasons people experience the winter blues is lack of sunlight. Light therapy gives you exposure to light and is extremely effective at banishing the winter blues. Make more of an effort to get sunlight by opening your curtains and getting outside more.
  • If you lack sunlight, you also lack vitamin D. This has been linked to depression and lethargy. Foods that contain vitamin D are egg yolks, D-fortified milk, and orange juice. You can also get your D dose by taking a tablespoon of cod liver oil or a vitamin D3 supplement daily.
  • If you’re not allergic, eat nuts. There are many types of nuts to appeal to different taste buds and they contain tyrosine. Tyrosine is a building block for dopamine and other mood-related neurotransmitters. They are also filling and easy to reach for when you get hungry, and let’s face it, no one is happy when they’re hungry!
  • Get some exercise. It doesn’t have to be strenuous “I’m trying out for the weight lifting championships” type of exercise. All you need to do is dance around the house or take a walk outside, which will also allow you to get that much needed sunshine. Small and easy do it yourself projects, such as furnace maintenance or winterizing your home, get you moving and provide a sense of accomplishment.
  • Call a friend. That’s what they are there for and it can cheer you up, give you a shoulder to lean on, and give you support in this time of need.

Now that you know how to banish the winter blues, we can help you stay warm this winter and banish the summer bummers of too much heat and high cooling costs in the summer. If you’re in need of services for your HVAC Chandler locals depend on the team at Efficiency Mechanical.