Efficiency Mechanical, the area’s leading air conditioning and heating experts, can help you live more comfortably and help extend the life of your equipment.

Most people expect their equipment to last a lifetime, but the average life expectancy for a unit in Arizona is 10 years. Fortunately, it’s easy to protect yourself from an unexpected breakdown.

With regularly scheduled tune-ups (Energy Savings Agreement), you will have lower utility bills and peace of mind that your unit is operating in the best capacity it can. The efficiency of your equipment can drop up to 30% per year without proper service.

What You Can Expect

There are numerous benefits to owning an ESA, which include:
  • Lower utility bills
  • Extended equipment life
  • Fewer repairs
  • Improved capacity
  • 15% discount on repair/material/service/labor
  • Priority customer service (including weekends)
  • Inflation protection

We will provide a complete precision tune-up that will include:

Measure operating pressures
This includes checking refrigerant pressures and temperature correlations to verify correct operation (Up to one pound of refrigerant included with ESA).
Measure starting components
When applicable certain makes and models of equipment require starting components to allow for proper and efficient starting of compressors.  These will be checked to verify correct system operation.
Test safety controls
This includes testing and evaluating situations that may arise in the event of normal operation when certain components may fail and safeties would need to operate to prevent damage to systems.
Clean and adjust blower components
This includes cleaning excessive buildup of dirt and grease around blower motors and electrical connection.  This does not include cleaning squirrel cage (blower wheels).  Blower wheels will be evaluated each visit and if cleaning is needed it will be recommended and proposed through proper channels.
Tighten electrical connections
This includes tightening connections at disconnects, contactors, fan relays, and any other points of electrical connection, high and low voltages included.
Measure volts/amps on motors
This includes measuring voltages being delivered to motors and amperages that motors are operating under. Also includes testing all capacitors under load for all P.S.C. motors.
Lubricate all moving parts
This includes oiling motor bearings where applicable.  Most fractional horsepower motors do not require oiling due to sealed bearings being the majority of all bearings in these types of motors.
Clean condenser coil with non-toxic cleaner
Condenser coils will be chemically washed and rinsed every six months during regular maintenance. Keeping your coil clean of debris and free of obstruction is very  important to the operation, efficiency and life-expectancy of your  equipment. We recommend chemical coil cleaning at least once per year.  Using chemicals vs. just cleaning with water takes away the dirt, debris  and grime that is not always visible to the naked eye.
Check evaporator coil
Evaporator coil will be checked at each maintenance, and cleaned as needed. *charges may apply for difficult access.
Clean condensate drains
Includes pouring bleach and water down drains to verify correct drainage and to alleviate clogging issues, but in the event of a drain clogging one condensate drain cleaning per system will be performed free.
Measure temperature difference
Temperature of air entering and exiting system will be measured to verify system performance upon completion of maintenance.

These services will be provided during normal business hours of Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 PM.

Filter replacement is included and will be performed at same time as bi-annual system maintenance.