Scottsdale Air Conditioning Repair

The number one choice for Scottsdale AC repair is Efficiency Mechanical. Since 1986, we have been a family owned and operated heating and cooling company that has provided professional HVAC services and products to Scottsdale residents. We treat all of our customers like family, and that means responding to all service calls quickly and offering fair pricing on all services. Whether you’re in need of air conditioner repair or installation, our highly trained technicians can be at your door same day when necessary. We live and work in the area, so we understand the needs of a properly working air conditioner during the summer months. When you need air conditioner repair in Scottsdale, AZ, call Efficiency Mechanical and we’re sure we’ll become your cooling company for many years to come.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Scottsdale Arizona

If the last time you installed a new air conditioner was more than 10-15 years ago, it may be time to upgrade to a new unit. All systems age and wear over time, and Efficiency Mechanical can provide expert Scottsdale air conditioning replacement services on all makes and models. Our technicians can inspect and assess your current cooling system and make recommendations to achieve optimal indoor temperatures. Immediately after installation, you will start seeing improvements in your energy spending, thanks to the higher efficiency ratings belonging to all new air conditioners. We also recommend routine maintenance to optimize the lifespan and temperature output for your new or existing air conditioner. Call today and find out why our customers call us the best cooling company in Scottsdale Arizona!

Two-Stage Air Conditioner Service in Scottsdale

Are you looking for air conditioning service, Scottsdale residents? Have you heard about the benefits of two-stage air conditioners? Two-stage air conditioners offer efficiency and energy savings in cooling your home. Two-stage air conditioners work by having two compressors: one for the hottest days of the season, and the other for cooler, more moderate days. On days that are hotter, the unit will work continuously to keep your home cool. But on more moderate days, the unit will cycle on and off more often to keep from over-cooling your home. The cycling on and off requires more energy than if the unit runs continuously. Air conditioning units with a two-stage compressor and a multi-speed outdoor condenser fan operate at lower capacity during moderate weather. This results in cycles that are longer and more efficient. When the weather is truly hot, they step up to full-speed operation to ensure your comfort.

Common Air Conditioner Issues

Having air conditioning in Scottsdale homes is necessary, especially during the summer months when temperatures reach into triple digits. If your AC isn’t working properly, or isn’t working at all, it is possible it’s one of these common AC problems:

  • Thermostat is not functioning and needs replaced
  • Refrigerant levels are low and need refilled (this can also indicate a leak that needs to be sealed)
  • Worn out compressor and fan controls that need replaced
  • Dirty filter or coils need to be cleaned
  • Condensation drain is clogged and needs to be cleaned out
  • Electrical connections or contacts are corroded and need replaced

If you need an air conditioner inspection to find out why your AC isn’t functioning well, or your energy bills are increasing when they shouldn’t be, give us a call!

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Scottsdale

Regular professional maintenance to your AC is important to keep your energy bills lower, your comfort higher, and reduce the amount of repairs or replacement you may need in the future. If you need maintenance to help your home get excellent air conditioning Scottsdale Arizona residents can’t live without, then you have come to the right place! Here is some of our thorough maintenance checklist:

  • Thermostat – inspect and make sure it is functioning properly and clean
  • Condenser coil – inspect and make sure there is no damage and clean
  • Air filter – inspect and make sure it is clean, or replaced if it is not a reusable filter
  • Refrigerant levels and charge – check levels of refrigerant using thermocharging to ensure refrigerant charge is at a normal level
  • Motor – thoroughly inspected, cleaned and lubricated
  • And so much more!

We ensure that every part of your AC and the cooling process is thoroughly inspected so you can rest easy in comfort.

AC Issues and Repair Services

Efficiency Mechanical is the leading choice for services for air conditioning Scottsdale AZ residents trust. If your system is having issues, you can count on our skilled technicians to fix the issue. If you’re experiencing uneven cooling, uncharacteristic noises or odors coming from the AC system, a humidity level that is too high, a spike in cooling costs, or a general lack of cool air, it’s time to give us a call. Waiting to have issues like these addressed will only make them worse and more expensive as time goes on. Don’t hesitate and call us today to get your issue resolved and the cool, comfortable air restored in your home.

Scottsdale High Efficiency AC Installation

To combat the heat in Arizona, you may be spending a lot of money to cool your home. Air conditioning in Scottsdale AZ doesn’t have to be so expensive for minimal comfort. With a new, high-efficiency air conditioning system installation, you can:

  • Decrease your monthly energy bill
  • Increase your home comfort
  • Qualify for utility incentive plans with select high-efficiency AC units
  • Have a warranty on your new AC system
  • Decrease the need for frequent repairs when compared to older units that work overtime to cool your home

If your unit is older than 15 years old, or you notice a spike in your energy bill, it is time to consider a new AC installation. Air conditioners are built to be much more efficient than they were in years past, and there are many benefits to replacing your old AC. Call us today for a quality installation of a high-efficiency air conditioner!

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