Whether you’re hoping to someday build a home, or are simply interested in the different types of energy efficient construction options, there’s so much you can do today to make your home as energy efficient as possible. Some of the latest trends are:

  • Vegetation is being used more and more to block the sun from homes where it has the greatest effects. This isn’t technically a building option, but is being used more and more. The city of Phoenix has been doing this around their buildings so they don’t heat up as much, and therefore aren’t as expensive to cool.
  • There are architects and designers that design homes based on the sun’s position during the day. Doors and windows are never facing the sun at its hottest, and they incorporate angles and external features of the home to shade areas that need it the most.
  • Concrete homes are popular choice both for aesthetics and for its insulating properties. Concrete homes are easy to eat and cool because they don’t fluctuate with the outdoor temperatures.

You can have an extremely well-insulated home, but if your AC isn’t working properly, you may not feel comfortable indoors. When it comes to maintenance, replacement, and air conditioner repair, Scottsdale AZ homeowners trust the team at Efficiency Mechanical. We’ll make sure your cooling system is in proper working order to perform as efficiently as possible.